Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Instant Aam ka Pana

 Raw Mango - as per your requirement
Sugar - as per taste

1. Peel the Raw Mango and grate it. Keep the grated raw mango in one container.
2. Add sugar to this container and mix it with hand till sugar dissolves completely.
3. Add water to this mixture and keep for 5 mins.
4. Pour the water / aam ka pana in the glasses and Enjoy your drink

Serving tip: Those who like raw mango, you can add the grated raw mango mixture too in the glasses. 

Its easy to make and tastes amazing :)

Posted on by Richa Kulkarni | 2 comments


Charuta said...

I know why u like this khatta drink !

drrskulkarni said...

Dr RSK- tip- add a little chat masala- its amazing- or add pinch of rock salt & roasted jeera powder