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Maharashtrian Kadhi-Pakodi

Ingredients: (servings - 4)
For Pakodi / Gole (in marathi) -
       Chana dal - 1 katori 
       Toor Dal - 1/4th katori
       Coriander Leaves
       Green Chilly - as per requirement
       Salt - as per taste
For Kadhi - 
       khatta Dahi / sour Curd - 3  to 4  katoris
       Turmeric Powder - as per requirement
       Curry Leaves - 6 to 7 
       Cumin Seeds
       Salt - as per taste
       Coriander Leaves
       Finely grated Ginger
       Besan - 3 to 4 teaspoons ( or as per your requirment, but keep in mind, we dont want thick kadhi, we want it to be thin ) 
For Tadka - This has to be made just before eating
       Oil - 3 Tspns
       Mustard Seeds
       Finely chopped Garlic
Method - 
For Pakodi / Gole - 
 1. Soak chana dal and toor dal for 3-4 hrs 
 2. Take chana dal and toor dal, add finely chopped green chilly, salt, coriander leaves and grind it in mixer. Dont add water, grind it without adding water and it should be coarse not soft.
 3. Make small balls / gole of this mixture and keep it aside.

For Kadhi - 
 1. Take finely chopped Ginger in a bowl and add little water to it, so we get the Ginger water :)
 2. Take curd and add water to it. Also add 3 to 4 teaspoons besan to this. Mix well and let the mixture be fine and little watery.
 3. Take 1 teaspoon Oil in a container and add few cumin seeds once it is hot. 
 4. Add Turmeric and chopped green chilly to this.
 5. Add the curd-besan-water mixture to the container.  Add salt as per taste.
 6. Once it starts boiling, add Ginger water (squeeze ginger in the bowl, so you get ginger water), Curry leaves. Let it boil for 1-2 mins. 
 7. Now, add the pakodi / gole to this boiling kadhi and let it boil. DO NOT STIR as it may break the pakodi /gole.
 8. After 5 mins, add coriander leaves and your Kadhi is ready.

Tadka - 
 1. Take 3-4 teaspoons of oil in a small pan
 2. Add mustard seeds and let them pop. 
 3. Add finely chopped garlic to this and let it become golden brown / crispy. 

Serving Tip - Just before you eat this Kadhi , make the tadka and add it to individual's bowl of kadhi :) and enjoy it with roti / chawal or just like that :) :)

Its easy to make and yeah, there are less calories as we dont fry the pakodis. 

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gud recipe--must make it- Dr RSK