Thursday, August 7, 2008

Italian Salad - Pasta with Thousand Island Dressing

Pasta ( fusilli ) - as per your requirement
Thousand Island Dressing
Jalapenoes - as per your choice
Bell Peppers - red & yellow
Chicken pieces - boneless ( 1/2 cup )
spring Onion - finely chopped

Take a container with water in it ( pasta should soak ) and keep on medium flame. Once the pasta is cooked, blanch it. Similarly, cook the chicken pieces and keep aside.
Take the cooked pasta in one container. Mix Bell Peppers, jalapenoes, chicken in pasta. Add thousand island dressing to this ( so that pasta is covered properly with this) and mix well. You can also add Lettuce, Brocolli etc as per your choice to this. Add cooked chicken pieces and mix well.
Garnish with Finely chopped spring onion and serve this healthy salad to all :)

Simple and very very easy to make.

Tip: You can try this with different dressings if you dont like thousand island or you can add different dressings to this and make your own recipe... But dont forget to share with me :)

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Mariyam said...

Hey Richa, thanks for the lovely recipe... :)i have my cookery practicals at skul tmrw... i dnt like thousand island dressing n to do something differntly new m going to add authentic italian salad dressing.... bt then wat wud i call it... could u please suggest a name for it :) thnx again :)