Saturday, June 1, 2013

Perfect Frosting !!!

Perfect Frosting and a perfect quick recipe - Believe me....


2lb 10x Powdered Sugar - i got Dominos
1 cup Vegetable Shortening - i got Crisco
1/4 cup water, if required 2 tbspns more


1] Sieve the powdered sugar to remove all the lumps and keep in a separate bowl
2] Beat the vegetable shortening at medium speed for 3-5 mins till it becomes light, creamy and shiny
3] Mix water and powdered sugar and mix well with spatula
4] Once mixed well, beat the mixture for 5 mins on high speed till you get a nice glaze and peaks in the frosting as seen in the pic
5] Frosting is ready with medium to stiff consistency which can be used to make borders and flowers. If you want to use this frosting to ice the cake or cupcake then add little water till you get thin consistency.

Your Frosting is ready in less than 10 mins.

Types of Consistency:
Stiff consistency Icing/Frosting -
Stiff icing is used for decorations such as flowers ,figure piping and stringwork. If icing is not stiff enough, flower petals will droop. If icing cracks when piped out, icing is probably too stiff. 

Medium consistency Icing / Frosting -
Medium icing is used for decorations such as stars, borders and flowers with flat petals. If the icing is too stiff or too thin, you will not get the uniformity that characterizes these decorations. Medium to thin icing is used for icing your cake. Add water or milk to your icing recipe to achieve the correct consistency.

Thin consistency Icing / Frosting -
Thin icing is used for decorations such as printing and writing, vines and leaves.

Now make your cake or cupcakes and this super easy frosting and let the creativity begin....
Have fun!